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5 Challenges of an Internet Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on February 18th, 2007

In a previous post, I discussed 5 of the advantages of an Internet home business. Some of these advantages may turn into challenges or disadvantages if you’re not careful.  There also may be other ones you need to consider…those common to most home businesses or particularly to yours.

*Don’t have face to face contact with people.  So sometimes it’s more difficult to address problems when you can’t have personal contact.  Some people find it much easier to deal with people when they’re face to face, while others like the anonimity of the phone or e-mail.

*Less investment may equate less production.  When you don’t have so much to invest (and often online businesses require less investment), and thus less to lose, you don’t take your business so seriously.  So you may slack off more than you would if you have large payments to make to a bank or had taken all of your savings for space, stock, and equipment.

*You may take it casually if there aren’t people coming into your shop.  Sometimes casually means less seriously.  You don’t have a boss expecting you to finish your job by a specific time.  Yes, you have customers who expect their work on schedule, but they aren’t stopping by in person if they’re purchasing online. 

*You may find it difficult to keep to a schedule when there is no boss.  There may be distractions around the home.  Or you may find it difficult to keep working if your task become monotonous.  Working at home is not always exciting…there’s routine and monotony that can discourage you and send you looking around for something more enjoyable.     

*You have to handle all aspects of the job.  In your desire to be free of a job, to work on your own, you no longer can pursue only one aspect (unless more of your family are involved).  In addition to creating a product or performing a service, you must promote, keep books, do invoicing, pay bills, and collect debts.

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