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Home Biz Notes

Archive for October 2006

October 30th, 2006

Zoning Issues for Home Businesses

Before starting a small business, particularly one where you are producing items or have customers/clients frequenting your home, check on the zoning ordinances for your area. This is especially important if you live in a town or city. Zoning often places restrictions on what you can do with your home or garage if [...]

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October 25th, 2006

When to Go Full Time With a Home Business

Many people start their home business as a part time venture while they’re still working at a job for someone else.   This is a way to earn extra income.  It’s also a good way to determine whether your business has a chance of succeeding and whether you’re cut out to be a home based business [...]

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October 24th, 2006

Home Businesses - Good Part Time Ventures

The majority of people start their home business as a part time venture before going full time, if they ever do expand to that extent. There are several reasons to consider starting parttime:
*This brings in extra income to the household.
*This is a way to expand upon a hobby or a skill (something you enjoy) [...]

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October 16th, 2006

5 Disadvantages of a Home Business

After discussing 5 Advantages of a Home Business (see below), I’ll mention five reasons that could be considered disadvantages, or factors to think about seriously before starting your business.
*Must pay your own health insurance. When you own your own business, there is no one paying benefits. Health insurance, dental, and disability are your [...]

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October 15th, 2006

5 Advantages of a Home Business

Many advantages exist with a home based business and appeal to people who are creative, self-starters, and want to take charge of their lives. However, just because you may not like working for someone is not a reason for starting a business of your own. You simply may need to look for another [...]

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October 12th, 2006

Types of Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses can be many and varied.  With all of them you’re generally self-employed, thus paying your own insurances, taxes, and social security.  Among the variations, you’ll find:
*Working entirely from home such as I did when I operated a dressmaking business.  Customers came to my home with their fabrics, or selected from some I had [...]

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October 12th, 2006

My Experience in Home Business

Home businesses seem to run in my husband’s and my families.  We both grew up on dairy farms, Jim in southeastern New Hampshire and I in the Hudson River Valley of New York State.  Both my parents came from farming families as did Jim’s dad.  Did this make us determined to own our own businesses [...]

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October 12th, 2006

Welcome to Home Biz Notes

Welcome to Home Biz Notes!  The source of information to help you develop and conduct your home based business.
Starting a home business, whether one conducted mainly at home or one with office at home and working away, has become the dream of more and more people.  You might say the American Dream nowadays is having one’s [...]

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