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November 3rd, 2007

5 Tips for Self-Publishing as a Home Business

  Many writers are taking the route of self-publishing their work these days.  This method has become more accepted in the world of books and publishing, whereas it once was considered only for those who weren’t “good enough” to find a traditional publisher.  Also, the mainstream publishers often look for self-published books that have begun to […]

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November 1st, 2007

Young Entrepreneurs - Starting the “Home Business” Tradition Early

  My grandson is always looking for ways to make money and his imagination knows no bounds.  Last night, after coming home from Halloween trick-or-treating, he emptied his bag of goodies and began sorting out the ones he didn’t care for.
(For those of you living in countries that don’t have Halloween…October 31…festivities, trick-or-treating means going around […]

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October 10th, 2007

Does an Eating Disorder Interfere with Your Home Business?

 Eating disorders can affect anyone, male and female and almost every age.  Often these conditions interfere with one’s ability to work well at their business, their craft, their profession.  These disorders generally range from eating too much and of the wrong type of food to eating too little.  Any of these can play havoc with your health, […]

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September 16th, 2007

Keep Your Blogging Home Business Going While Traveling

Traveling doesn’t have to deter you from your business, especially if it’s one conducted mainly on the Internet.  There are various ways you can keep on task. 
Liz Lewis, my co-author at b5’s Alzheimer’s Notes, has been traveling this month, flying first from her home in New Zealand to Spain.  Then she’ll go to New York City.  Although […]

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September 14th, 2007

The Home Business Juggling Game

 When I learned Laura Spencer, of Writing Thoughts, had juggled  a home business with caring for her father, as well as her family, I thought some of her tips would be helpful for other home business owners who are in the midst of this, too.  They’re part of the “sandwich generation” with responsibilities in numerous directions.  […]

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September 2nd, 2007

Something Fun to Brighten Your Day

Do you need something light and fun and cheerful for your day?  It doesn’t have anything to do with your business, except that it might brighten your day.  Sometimes we need something simply to give us an uplift and inspiration.
When I read Jennifer’s post, 32 Little Green Babies,  at Tree Hugging Family,  a new b5media blog, […]

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August 22nd, 2007

First Appearances of a Home Business Are Important

The appearance of your blog and your business say much about you.  First impressions are important.  Whether it’s a shop in your home or web site or blog, do they give the impression you want customers to perceive?
The old adage, “You only have one time to make a first impression,” still holds true.  Even in […]

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August 19th, 2007

Yvonne Russell, Guest Blogger at Home Biz Notes

Yvonne Russell, blog owner of Grow Your Writing Business, will be a guest blogger here at Home Biz Notes, tomorrow, Monday, August 20.  She will discuss ideas for to Start Your Own Specialist Home Based Bookstore. Yvonne operated a bookstore in Australia for a number of years, along with other business ventures.  She has many […]

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August 6th, 2007

Blogger Mary Emma Interviewed on Work From Home Momma

The blog, Work From Home Momma, features an interview about my experiences in home businesses over the past 40 years.  This interview, by Laura Spencer,  is the first in her Work at Home Interview Series about women, particularly moms.
As Laura says, “Today’s interview is with Mary Emma Allen, who began as a dressmaker and eventually transitioned […]

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July 23rd, 2007

Travel While Operating Your Home Business

With many businesses these days, you can operate it wherever you happen to be making your home or while you’re traveling.  Some people travel and then return to a home base.  Others continually travel.  So you’ll see different types of home businesses with a travel orientation.
*Last night a friend told me about a couple she […]

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