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Home Biz Notes

Archive for March 2007

March 31st, 2007

Keeping Humor in Your Home Business

Last night my husband and I were telling friends about an incident that happened in a business we owned several years ago.  We all laughed over what happened and it helped boost them over some challenges they were having in a business.
“Yes,” I thought, “time does lend humor to situations we find difficult to laugh [...]

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March 30th, 2007

Reading to Achieve in Your Home Business

“Why bother to read?  I know what I have to do in my business.  That’s why I chose this as a home business in the first place,” you may comment.
Yes, you may consider it important to read technical and how-to books on your field of endeavor.  But why read success related books, people related books, [...]

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March 30th, 2007

Have Fun With Your Home Business

When I wrote the meme post,  Simply Successful Secrets for a home business, I mentioned having fun.  Comments I’ve received let me know that others feel this is important, too. 
Often we get so caught up into the challenges of our business, the busyness,  the pressure of meeting deadlines, and the balancing act between business and family  that [...]

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March 28th, 2007

Maintaining Consistency in a Home Business

Developing your home business has to be more than a whim, not something you give up as soon as you encounter challenges, discouragements, or boredom. No matter what you do, no matter how much you like it…or think you will, there will be downturns.
*Keep your goal in front of you.
*Remind yourself why you decided [...]

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March 27th, 2007

5 Simply Successful Secrets for a Home Business

Yvonne of Grow Your Writing Business tagged me for this Simply Successful Secrets meme.  Aaron Potts, of Today is the Day started the meme whereby those tagged will list secrets of their success.  When the meme has run its course, Aaron will compile a master list of the participants from many areas of endeavor.
*Set goals - Have an [...]

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March 26th, 2007

Home Business Participation in Local & Regional Events

In order to become known around your area, participate in local and regional events, such as historical days, holiday celebrations, chamber of commerce events, tours, open houses, professional days at high schools,  and similar occasions.  You may not want to be involved in everything (you need time to run your business, too).  However, some participation can help [...]

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March 25th, 2007

Include Your Home Business in Recognition Days/Months

Find ways to include your home business in days/weeks/months of local and national recignition…and then let others know about it.  This is a way to become involved in a movement  that may be simply a local or regional one.  Or it might be a national time of recognition.  Tie in with it for unique promotions, or [...]

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March 24th, 2007

Marketing to Kids - Tips for Home Business Owners

Do you produce items that appeal or are used by youngsters?  Do you use promotions that might appeal to them, as well as their parents?  Is there a difference between how youngsters view purchases than the adults in their lives?
Ron E. discusses this sometimes controversial topic in a recent post, Marketing to Kids,  at Brand Curve [...]

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March 23rd, 2007

Home Biz Notes Featured on Channel Tour

Denise Grier, blogger for Leadership Turn, has written a very informative round-up of the b5media Business Channel blogs as she made a tour recently. Visit her blog and see the posts she’s chosen to feature about the business world as represented by this channel.
For Home Biz Notes, Denise mentioned  Listening to Your Home Business Customers.
Denise recently joined the channel and we [...]

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March 22nd, 2007

Expand Your World…and Your Home Business

David Krug makes a very interesting point a post on his b5media blog, Work Boxers. “Spend 30 minutes each day interacting with people you’d normally not interact with.” He mentions this as a way to expand your influence and to get your name [and your business name] out there.
Yes, this is something to [...]

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