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September 7th, 2008

Will Sarah Palin Give Women Encouragement in Their Lives & Businesses


With the choice of Sarah Palin, Alaska’s Governor, as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, will more women be encouraged to seek more in their lives and businesses?  Will they say, “I CAN achieve and attain my dreams!”

Will women decide to pursue home businesses and to higher levels?
Will they realize they can raise a family and pursue […]

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August 25th, 2008

“Taking a Break” May Be Different for Home Business Owners


“Taking a Break” is our promo theme at the b5 Business Channel. Generally that means taking time away from your job or business…getting a breather…taking time to regroup…enjoying a different atmosphere. 
However, for home business owners the “break” may mean getting back to work.
You’ve been busy all summer, if you have school age youngsters, juggling your business and […]

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June 29th, 2008

Productivity Tips for Home Business Owners with Families

Whenever youngsters are home from school, it’s often challenging for moms and dads (and even grandparents) to continue operating their home businesses, keeping up deadlines, filling product orders, waiting on customers.
I’ve worked worked at home businesses with two generations of youngsters swirling around me…first my daughter and her cousins, now my grandchildren and grand nieces […]

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June 25th, 2008

Do You Have Work You Can Take To The Beach?

 It’s Beach Week over at One Book Two Book.  So home business moms and dads, who need some ideas for the youngsters or who want to relax at the beach, too, stop by and see what we and Camp Weary Parent have in mind.
Taking Your Work to the Beach
When our daughter was […]

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June 23rd, 2008

Over 7.8 Million Parents Love This Clever You Tube Video - 24 Hours Of What Moms Say In 2 Minute Song Form

June at Home Biz Notes is Family Month.
Parents will identify with this very funny and clever song about what moms say… and say… and say again.
It’s 24 hours of what moms (and dads) say packed into a few minutes. Enjoy!

Did you recognize yourself in any of those “mom” (or dad) statements? We’d love to […]

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June 22nd, 2008

How Do You Cope With The Late Afternoon Arsenic Hour At Home?

It’s Family Month at Home Biz Notes, so let’s look at juggling the work-life balance.
Parents will identify with that high stress time of day when the kids are all home - time for a bath, meals to be prepared and so on. Some call it The Arsenic Hour.
For a lighthearted look at parenting, check […]

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June 14th, 2008

Want To Write A Children’s Book Or Collect Family Memories?

Parents who are interested in writing for children have a wealth of “teachers” in their own home.
Everyday situations, what children say and how they talk, the funny things parents say plus the full gamut of emotions families experience are all at your fingertips. Add a touch of imagination, some writing savvy and away you go.
Writing […]

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June 13th, 2008

Summer Meal Ideas for the Busy Home Business Owner

Planning meals during busy summer months when children may be at home full time or you simply have many activities going on can be a challenge for home business owners who must work at their business, too.
So making meal preparation easier can be a great help for the dad or mom business owner.  […]

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June 12th, 2008

7 Tips to Help Home Based Business Moms Stay Fit & Sane


By JoLynn Braley
In my last post we looked at how as a mom and home-based business owner, it’s really not selfish of you to put your own health and well being first in your life because if you don’t, you won’t be as much use to your family and business as you could be.
Still […]

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June 11th, 2008

Keeping Children Busy With “Time Travel” So You’re More Productive


During summer vacation, we want to be with our children.  However, we also need to be productive in our business.  How can we do both?
What about some “Time Travel” adventures to encourage youngsters to use their imaginations while you catch up with your work and finish whatever you need to do with your home business.
Then […]

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