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7 Tips for Mastering the “Art of Thank You” in Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on December 5th, 2007

  “People don’t say thank you any more.  Or write thank you notes,” a friend mentioned the other day.

Is this you in your busy life?  In your home business?

Even though I was taught, by a mother who sat us at the dining table to write thank you notes the day after receiving a gift, I often find myself so caught up in a busy life that I must keep a “thank you note list” or “thinking of you list” so I don’t forget.  Even if it’s a verbal “thank you,” it means more than ignoring.

Translate this to your business and your customers, as well as family, friends, and strangers.  Develop a reputation as someone who appreciates others and what they do. 

*Have little appreciation notes made up that you sign and drop into customers’ bags.

*Send a thank you e-mail to your online customers. 

*If someone is especially helpful or purchases a large order, have small gifts you can include with purchase…or afterward.

*Remember your employees with thank you’s.

*Realize the “older” (grandma) generation was brought up with mothers who made sure they wrote thank you notes!

*Carry postcards with you so you can write notes while you wait or find someone needs a bit of cheer.  These may be special ones or simply those purchased at the post office with a happy face sticker on them.

*Smile!  Even those little smiling faces on your e-mail notes add a bit of cheer with thank you’s.  Seeing your smiling face often brings an answering smile and cheers the person you encounter.

Be someone of whom is said: “They always say thank you.”        

What tips do you have for mastering the  “Art of Thank You”?

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