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Attention to the “Little Things” by Home Business Owners

by Mary Emma Allen on April 14th, 2007

Are you taking the time to attend to “the little things” when it comes to your customers?  This would include keeping a file of your customers, getting to know them personally, sending thank you notes, new product notices, how can I help you inquiries?  These could be done by e-mail or hand written notes.  

I’ve been attending a business seminar this weekend.  At one of the sessions, the workshop instructor talked about marketing, retaining customers, and getting repeat business.  She mentioned taking time to take care of the “little things” so your customers/clients know they’re more than a dollar sign to you.

Of course, you hope  they will purchase more or think of you when they need your type of product or services. If you develop a friendship, they’ll be more likely to return.  However, if yours is a business where repeat sales are only occasional, a thank you note and other communication will help keep you in mind if they have an occasion to refer you to a friend who needs what you offer.

In our busy world, we sometimes don’t take time for those acts of thoughtfulness to make people seem special.  For years, my husband and I purchased our cars from one dealership and one salesman because he took time to get to know us, learn what we needed for a vehicle, and what we could pay.  He would send thank you notes, how are you doing notes, and haven’t seen you in awhile notes.  Joe was a popular salesman at the dealership until his retirement.

The same care with customers/clients can be taken with your home business.

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