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Your Children & Your Home Business Leading Up To Christmas

by Yvonne Russell on December 5th, 2007

Christmas is a great time to involve your budding entrepreneurs in your home business.

Mary Emma Allen, my co-blogger here at Home Biz Notes wrote about her grandson’s entrepreneurial savvy… a home business owner in the making.

Even if just for fun, children often like to be involved. If they don’t, balancing your children’s needs and a busy holiday season, can be a challenge. How do you manage this balance?

Busy At Christmas In Home Business
As a home business owner, chances are you may need an extra pair of hands during the holiday season. While young children often help through the year, Christmas is an exciting but busy time for children and families.

Service Or Retail Business
If you have a service business, you may be sending out Christmas cards or end of year Thank You cards. The holidays are also a peak selling time if you have a retail business.

Are There Ways You Can Involve Your Children?
Rather than feeling guilty because you are so busy, are there ways you can involve your children in your festive season business preparations?

There may be some behind the scenes activities they can assist with such as creative gift wrapping. Even a young child can do potato prints. Older children could put the Christmas seals on cards you send to clients.

Crafty kids could do more fancy wrapping with ribbons or help with gift baskets. Perhaps they could help with a Christmas display or decorations.

How Do You Involve Your Children In Your Home Business at Christmas?

I’d love you to share your tips for keeping your work-home life balance during the holiday season, and maybe inspiring some budding young entrepreneurs.

How do you manage if you have the sort of business where you can’t easily involve children?

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