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Wrapping It Up - Business Channel Theme Day Posts

by Mary Emma Allen on December 11th, 2007

Wrapping It Up! That’s the topic for our b5 Business Channel December Theme Day. This could be presented in a variety of ways so we have many Business bloggers who’ve written some very interesting and informative posts for you as you wrap up your year and plan for 2008. Or you may be wrapping up gifts for your customers/clients. Let’s see what we’ve got for you…as we open the wrappings!

Over at Startup Spark, Shannon Cherry’s wondering if you’ll be giving a gift to your customers this season. According to a recent survey, fewer small business owners are going to be Santa this year.

Miki Saxon, at Leadership Turn, gives us an idea of what leaders do as they wrap up and plan.

Wrapping it up, just in time for Christmas, means “Choosing the Right PMO Vision” series for Bob Turek, at Project Management 411. Bob has put together a package of his posts on a series he did in November.

Here at Home Biz Notes, Yvonne Russell and I have wrapped up some of our readers’ comments to share with you. They so often give additional insight into the information we provide.

Darlene McDaniel, at Interview Chatter, says… the whip cream and cherry on top will be represented by all the things you do to strengthen yourself and prepare yourself for the next job search. It will come. Whether you want it to or not. We live in a generation of constant turnover, buyouts, layoffs, promotion and demotion. So enjoy the ice cream, but add the whip cream and cherry and enjoy the ride!

Rachel Clarke, from Behind the Buzz, takes a look at 12 ” must haves” if you are doing a social media Christmas.

Made mistakes in your personal finances this year? Now is the time to do a personal finance year-in-review. Miranda Marquit, at Yielding Wealth, points out how to turn your mistakes of this year into a plan for next year.

Eric Eggertson, of Common Sense PR, writes about companies that wrap their brands with random acts of kindness.

Jean Murray, of Small Business Boomers, has four parts to her post about wrapping up as you approach the end of the year.

Wrapping Up a December Tax Saving List for Your Business

Wrapping Up, Part II, Revisit Your Brand

Wrapping Up Part III, Getting Your Finances in Order

Wrapping Up Part IV, Check Your Business Website

Celine Roque, of Pimp Your Work, lists seven tips on how to wrap up a meeting effectively.

Wrapping up your holiday spending? I know the last thing on your mind is more spending… Be sure that you understand the implications of the gift tax. Kelly Erb of Taxgirl spells out who pays and who doesn’t in her post.

Anne Wayman, blogger at The Golden Pencil, offers five great suggestions for wrapping up your freelance writing year.

Sean Kelly says, “FranchisePick.Com wraps up 2007 with a list of the controversial and volatile posts that drew the most reader comments in 2007. See what all the screaming is about at Franchise Pick’s Most Volatile Posts of 2007: A Wrap-Up”

What tips do you have to share about “wrapping it up” at your business?

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