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Expand Your Home Business Reach by Guest Blogging

by Mary Emma on October 16th, 2007

You can reach a wider audience (if you’re a writer) or customer base (if your business provides products) by writing guest posts for other blogs, for newsletters  or online publications.  This results in more recognition for your name or business name.

I frequently write guest posts for other blogs, and Yvonne Russell (co-blogger here at Home Biz Notes) does this, too.  In fact, Yvonne started here as a guest blogger. She also hosts another blog, Grow Your Writing Business and has owned a bookstore, too.

So…because of this experience,  she was the ideal person to write a review of Mem Fox’s picture book relating to Alzheimer’s and memory loss, Discover an Australian Picture Book Focusing on Alzheimer’s.  This appeared at the Alzheimer’s Notes blog today.   

How Can You Guest Blog?   How can you relate guest blogging/writing to your business?  For instance, if yours involves making a product, teaching a craft, or performing a service, you can write about this on your web site or blog.  You also can provide guest articles for other blogs that relate to your business topic.

You don’t obviously write about your business so that it sounds like an advertisement.  Instead, you provide information that will be helpful to potential readers and customers.  For instance, I heard about a small bakery and tea shop that started a blog to accompany their web site.  The owners began writing articles about tea and various baked goods served and sold there.

If they wanted to become known further afield, especially if they were selling some of their items online, they could write informative articles for guest spots.

Put on your “thinking cap” and see if guest posts might help spread your name around the blogosphere…and your home town.


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