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Working Successfully as a Home Business Team

by Mary Emma Allen on October 14th, 2007

When husbands and wives develop a business together, many never have worked as a team.  They’ve often been involved in other careers but not in a business together.  Even though they’re excited about their business, want it to succeed, they may find it difficult to meld their working styles into a cohesive effort to drive their home business forward.

Just as with a sports team, those  involved in a business, whether it’s husband and wife or includes other family members, must  work toward the common goal…SUCCESS.

My husband and I’ve had to learn to work together over the years in several businesses, including home businesses.  I thought it would be easy, but soon discovered we were different personalities and had different working styles.  We had much to learn.

Some Tips for Working as a Team

*Realize you have the same goals.

*You’re two unique personalities who may do things differently.  We were introduced to Florence Littauer’s personality books which helped us understand that the other person wasn’t necessarily wrong…only looking at the situation with a different perspective.


*Talk things over…communicate.  Also, do it when you’re not in the heat of a disagreement.

*Learn one another’s strengths and use them for the tasks needed.


*Where does each one work  best?  Does one work well with people and the other behind the scenes?  Does one have a specific talent for production while the other has organizational skills?

*Learn to bite your tongue, or think before you speak, when you differ on some aspect of the business.  Someone once said to me, “Think whether this will matter five years from now.  So why create an explosive situation now?”

*Take some time away from the business to have fun by yourselves or with your family.  This may be an afternoon or a day the business is closed.

*Have fun with your business and working together.

*Think SUCCESS and focus on this rather than differences or disagreements.

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