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Taking Advantage of New Trends for Growing Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on May 16th, 2007

When developing a home business in today’s Internet world, keeping aware of the latest trends is important.  Dorothy Thompson, whom I interviewed about her e-specialist and virtual blog tour business, is an example. 

She’s utilizing blogging and the desire of authors to reach the world without having to travel from bookstore to bookstore for book signings.  These are two growing trends in today’s world.  Other businesses could take a look at blogging  and determine whether this trend will help them increase their business or keep it going in an increasingly Internet world.

Since I interviewed Dorothy, so many authors have contacted her for tours and publicity, she has expanded to include a partner, author Jamieson Wolf to help her coordinate these.  He’s an author from Canada who has developed and utilized blogs to creatively promote his own books.

This is just one example of someone recognizing a trend and using modern technology to develop a home business, or expand an existing home business.  How can you use modern technology and recognize people’s needs to start up a home business or expand your existing one?

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