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Branding Important for Home Businesses

by Mary Emma Allen on April 7th, 2007

Branding and platform, although not new concepts, have become the new buzz words in the promotional field.  You need to develop something that enables you to stand out from the crowd, whether you’re performing a service or producing a product.

Yvonne Russell, blogger at Grow Your Writing Business, has interviewed Liz Lewis, my co-author at Alzheimer’s Notes.  There Liz and Yvonne discuss branding, finding a platform or specialty area that will bring you attention.

They’re predonimately discussing the writing profession, but you can adapt their ideas or philosophy to your home business in the Internet Age.  Yvonne also has written another article on branding that will give you a wider scope.  She mentions that “a Google search for ‘personal branding’ shows over 15 million results.

What are you doing about developing your personal brand or platform?  Think about this right from the beginning, when you start planning your home business and spreading the word about it.  Also, you can be somewhat flexible and incorporate new opportunities into your scope of endeavors.

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