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June 21st, 2008

Graduation Time - Starting Home Businesses In A Changing Economy


In today’s changing economy, with graduates looking for jobs, I’ve found a number of them considering home businesses. They are venturing into the “real world” of earning a living. It’s a time for new beginnings.
While giving thought to developing a home business, you probably will be working as an employee for someone else […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

May 29th, 2008

Memories of the Family Farm…A Home Business

 We didn’t think of our farm necessarily as a home business.  It simply was the farm where we all pitched in, Father, Mother, we four children and Dan, the hired man.  However, looking back, it definitely was a business and our home.  We worked together, played together, laughed together and cried together.
My husband also grew […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 1 comment

February 26th, 2008

Do You Have “WOW” In Your Home Business?

Looking for that “Wow” factor, that something extra that makes your business stand out from the rest, sometimes can be like seeking an elusive treasure on a scavenger hunt.  However, there you usually have a map or clues to guide you.
Well, now the b5media Business Channel bloggers have given you some of these clues in […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

February 18th, 2008

Celebrating Presidents’ Day With Contributions From Home Biz Notes

  To celebrate Presidents’ Day, enjoy a round-up of posts from several of the blogs at b5media.  Here is a channel wide one from the Business Channel.
Our Channel Editor, Kelly Phillips Erb, compiled an interesting post, Happy Presidents’ Day from the Business Channel.  She used quotes from our Presidents and links them to the various […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

December 11th, 2007

Wrapping It Up - Business Channel Theme Day Posts

Wrapping It Up! That’s the topic for our b5 Business Channel December Theme Day. This could be presented in a variety of ways so we have many Business bloggers who’ve written some very interesting and informative posts for you as you wrap up your year and plan for 2008. […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 4 comments

December 10th, 2007

Wrapping Up With Readers’ Comments At Home Biz Notes

Throughout the year, our readers have visited and added their comments to the various topics we’ve presented. It’s always enjoyable to learn what you’re thinking and have you share with us.
So we’re “wrapping up” with some comments here at Home Biz Notes.
1. Celebrate Universal Children’s Day in Your Business

Bridget Wright at Biz Chicks Rule shared […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 10 comments

November 20th, 2007

Home Biz Notes Participates in Theme Day

Kevin, at Buzz Networker, hosted the Business Channel’s November Theme Day, based on the topic, Traditions.  Various Business Channel bloggers participated, giving their take on this theme.  Check out what they have to share.
The Home Biz Notes post, Reflections on Traditions & Your Home Business, gives you ideas for participating in holiday traditions in your community and […]

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October 9th, 2007

October Business Channel Theme - FEAR

FEAR is the topic for the October Business Channel Theme.
Each month one business channel blog hosts the roundup of all posts on the theme topic. This month, Jim Norton at Small Business Boomers is hosting. He has a great roundup of the FEAR posts from each participating blog. The posts cover topics such as […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 0 comments

October 8th, 2007

b5 Business Channel Features FEAR for Theme Day

The b5media Business Channel focused on FEAR as the topic for their October Theme Day, with all the participants presenting it in their unique ways.  Jim Norton of the Small Business Boomers blog hosted Theme Day with a round-up from Business Channel members, b5 business bloggers muse on FEAR.
Yvonne Russell wrote a very creative post […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

October 8th, 2007

FEAR in Home Business - Find Every Available Resource

As a home business owner FEAR is a good thing! No, I don’t mean that type of fear. I mean F-E-A-R.

F - Find
E - Every
A - Available
R - Resource
As a small business owner, colleagues and customers often mention that I’m innovative. I’ve never thought of it that way. On a shoestring budget and limited time, […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 6 comments