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What Types of Home Businesses Should We Discuss?

by Mary Emma Allen on November 2nd, 2007

The term “home business” encompasses a wide range, as seen in Yvonne’s post, Thursday Thirteen - What is a Home Business? 13 Answers.  It can refer to any business operated at or from the home, may be entirely online, partially, or not at all.

Then my post about Young Entrepreneurs - Starting the “Home Business” Tradition Early opened the discussion about another age group and the opportunities they might pursue.

I mentioned farming in my comment st Yvonne’s post and realized some people might not think of it as another type of home business.  When I grew up on the farm, the business didn’t necessarily take place entirely in the house, but was on the property we called “home.”  This also was a business that involved the entire family.

What types of businesses would you like to see discussed here at Home Biz Notes?  What information or resources would you like for yourself?  How can we be most helpful to all our home business readers…and those considering home businesses?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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