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Keep Your Blogging Home Business Going While Traveling

by Mary Emma Allen on September 16th, 2007

Traveling doesn’t have to deter you from your business, especially if it’s one conducted mainly on the Internet.  There are various ways you can keep on task. 

Liz Lewis, my co-author at b5’s Alzheimer’s Notes, has been traveling this month, flying first from her home in New Zealand to Spain.  Then she’ll go to New York City.  Although Liz has been away from home and her regular blogging schedule, she kept up with her posts by writing and organizing them beforehand.  Then she posted them to go “live” on specific dates.  

All I had to do was fill in on the days she wasn’t posting, much as we do when Liz is at home.  I also could post later in the day when her posts appeared in the morning. 

Liz is a travel writer, too, so she went prepared with her laptop and digital camera.  She has been sharing her experiences in photos and words at her blog, My Year of Getting Published.  I think you would enjoy stopping by and exploring Spain with Liz.

Do you have tips to share about keeping your blogging home business (or any home business) going while you’re traveling?

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