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Young Entrepreneurs - Starting the “Home Business” Tradition Early

by Mary Emma Allen on November 1st, 2007

  My grandson is always looking for ways to make money and his imagination knows no bounds.  Last night, after coming home from Halloween trick-or-treating, he emptied his bag of goodies and began sorting out the ones he didn’t care for.

(For those of you living in countries that don’t have Halloween…October 31…festivities, trick-or-treating means going around the streets in town, dressed in costume and carrying a bag or some other container.  In my day, when we said, “trick-or-treat,” we sometimes were asked to perform a trick for our treat.   Nowadays, youngsters simply collect goodies, usually candy, that someone at each home hands out.)

Anyway…Grandson piled the small pieces of candy into a container for the adults.  However, they weren’t free for the taking.  He placed a sign in front, “Help yourself.  Donations welcome.”

I’m not sure how much he collected, but all the candy is gone!

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