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Something Fun to Brighten Your Day

by Mary Emma Allen on September 2nd, 2007

Do you need something light and fun and cheerful for your day?  It doesn’t have anything to do with your business, except that it might brighten your day.  Sometimes we need something simply to give us an uplift and inspiration.

When I read Jennifer’s post, 32 Little Green Babies,  at Tree Hugging Family,  a new b5media blog, I thought I simply must share it.  Then I shared, in the comments section, about my family rescuing baby ducklings. 

How do pets and nature’s creatures brighten your day? Some home businesses have a resident pet.  If your business doesn’t involve a shop with customers coming and going (who might be allergic to animals), you often may have a pet keeping you company as you go about your work. 

A writer friend works with her dog at her feet under her desk.  While she types at the computer, the dog snoozes and keeps her company.  Another lady has a cat that likes to sleep on top of her desk top monitor. 

I enjoy watching the birds at the feeder outside our deck, especially during the winter months.  This spring we had a family of nuthatches in the bird house in the tree beside the deck.  The babies hatched and my husband and I were fortunate to be on the spot when the parents coaxed them from the nest.

Do pets brighten your day as you do about your home business?


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