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5 Tips for Self-Publishing as a Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on November 3rd, 2007

  Many writers are taking the route of self-publishing their work these days.  This method has become more accepted in the world of books and publishing, whereas it once was considered only for those who weren’t “good enough” to find a traditional publisher.  Also, the mainstream publishers often look for self-published books that have begun to have a track record, then see if they can contract for the book.Anne Wayman at The Golden Pencil, discusses Some Self-publishing Reality.  “You’ve probably figured out, I’m more or less in favor of self-publishing books…as long as you have your own market.”

I’ve self-published several of my books, even printing two of them rather than contracting with a commercial printer.  I’ve been pleased with the results.  And, no, I haven’t hit any best seller lists.  I’ve found the books popular in their key or niche markets and use them to accompany my talks and workshops.

Some writers are so pleased with the success of their own books that they set up a home business to publish and promote the books of others, like G.A.P. (Global Authors Publications) or Star Publish.

 Five tips to keep in mind if you’re considering self-publishing:

1. Have a key or niche market in mind before you publish.

2. Be willing to set up a marketing strategy and start working on this before the book is published.

3. Look into costs and work quality when taking your work to a printer.   

4. Write well yourself and engage someone else to edit, or at least help edit.

5. Consider the possibility of offering your work as an e-book as well as print version.

(My self-published books: Tales of Adventure & Discovery...an anthology for children, A Tales coloring book, The Magic of Patchwork, When We Become the Parent to Our Parents, along with several manuals to accompany my writing workshops.)

I’ll be offering more information in future posts on Self-Publishing as a Home Business.  What questions would you like answered?

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