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You May Be The Expert!

by Mary Emma Allen on January 19th, 2008


  Are You The Expert?

In a previous post, Do You Enlist the Assistance of Experts in Your Home Business?, I talked about inviting outside experts in your business area to provide programs, workshops, entertainment, etc. at your business. In other words, you’re working together for your mutual benefit.

However….you may be the expert…and can offer your expertise to aid other businesses while getting your name (and your business name) out there.

For instance, I’ve been involved in the blogging world for more than three years…here at b5media (Home Biz Notes, Quilting and Patchwork, Alzheimer’s Notes) and with my author and family history blogs elsewhere. I approached the librarian at our local library and asked if she’d like me to give a presentation on blogging.

She was delighted and we’re in the midst of organizing this. The library isn’t specifically a business, but my presentation will be to our mutual benefit because I can bring my books for sale, too. (I write about topics related to my blogs at b5…The Magic of Patchwork, When We Become the Parent to Our Parents, as well as children’s books.)

So…..where does your expertise lie?

  • Can you partner with another business, online or off?
  • Can you give a workshop or talk for a group/organization?
  • Perhaps you can give a demonstration of a craft for another business?
  • Join in an event sponsored by a number of businesses?

What have you done with your expertise? Let’s chat!

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