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Don’t Let Your Home Business Domain Name Expire!

by Mary Emma Allen on August 13th, 2007

A friend frantically spent the night transferring posts and e-book links to other sites or blogs because she found her two main web site domain names had expired.  The company she purchased them through said they couldn’t do anything about it because someone had purchased them as soon as they expired.

So whenever someone clicks on those original web site domain names to purchase e-books or learn about her business, they get a totally different web site.  Apparently the same person/company purchased both, because the graphics are the same on both even though the content is different.

One domain name even had the author’s name (www. authorname. net) in it but that still doesn’t guarantee that no one else will purchase the name if you allow it to expire.  I suppose it’s a compliment that she has become so well known that someone wants her name and business name to gather viewers to their web site.  However, it doesn’t help the author with book sales, recognition, and contact.

Keep track of your domain name expiration dates.  Whether you’re an author, artist, or other type of home business owner, you generally own your domain name for only so long, then you renew it before the expiration date.  I’ve heard of others who lost their domain names, even those that include their personal name, because someone snapped it up the minute it expired.

I lost my web site, where I sold books, awhile ago because my husband changed servers.  Actually the server we were using merged with another and the URL I was using (connected with our web site) was no longer valid.  I knew it was coming, so had time to prepare.  It was not a domain name but a web site connected with my husband’s e-mail service. 

Keep track of your domain name expiration dates, learn what to expect from the company where you register or purchase them, ask questions, become knowledgeable.

Do you have any advice to offer about domain name registration or expiration problems?

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