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When The Internet Is Down, Does Your Home Business Grind To A Standstill?

by Mary Emma Allen on December 28th, 2007


Are you so dependent on the Internet that your business comes to a standstill when electronic problems occur? Does your business cease when your computer fails, your server has problems, or there are Internet challenges? What happens when electricity goes out in your area?

If you have a walk-in shop in your home, you probably can tally the sales on a calculator and make any computer entries later. If you operate a mail order (or online ordering) business, you can package and ship orders you’ve already received.

However, if your business is solely on the Internet, whether involving sales, writing, consulting, teaching, etc. you’re probably at a standstill. How will this affect your business and income for the day…or longer if the problem persists?

So…..do you have any back-up plans? You may want to consider formulating some.

*Do you have a second computer if one gives out?

*Can you go to the local library or similar facility if your server is down? Providing their server is a different one.

*Can you reach your customers by telephone?

*Are you able to continue production?

Have you needed to solve problems like these? What have you done?

Do share in the comments!

(c)2007 Mary Emma Allen

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