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August 28th, 2008

Take Your Home Office On The Road The Office Depot Way

August is Travel month at Home Biz Notes. How can you take your home office on the road?
Office Depot has teamed up with Jeff Zbar, a small business advocate to take his home office on the road. It has been dubbed The Home Office Highway Tour. […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 2 comments

August 15th, 2008

Swimming Will Be a Hot Topic for Businesses

With Michael Phelps setting Olympics records, swimming will be taking a “front seat” in sports, in business, and in general public interest.  More youngsters will likely want to become involved in swimming lessons and events. 
How can you tie this fascination with swimming into your business, either with actual products or with your PR philosophy? 
Also, […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

July 9th, 2008

Virtual Blog Tours for Authors All the Rage

The popularity of virtual blog tours for authors, instead of, or combined with, book store signings, continues to grow.  I began hosting authors 18 months ago when very few authors were taking to blogs to make appearances, answer questions, and/or have their books reviewed.
Now this has become almost expected of authors.  However, I’ve found some […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

June 23rd, 2008

Susan Gunelius Explores The Harry Potter Marketing Phenomenon

I’ve often wondered about the marketing behind the Harry Potter phenomenon that caused a book to skyrocket to sales and an author to fame to the point where it has taken on a life of itself. I imagined there was superb marketing strategy behind it that caught the market and readers at the right […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

June 20th, 2008

5 Home Business Resource Books

It’s difficult to go it alone when building a home business. We can gain experience through trial and error, by attending workshops, talking with others, listening to audios, and reading books.
Here are 5 books on my shelf. Some are for building business. Others are for building me.
*Success One Day at a […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

May 21st, 2008

Am I Too Picky About Business Dress?


As I sat in the airport watching passengers deplane or hurry along the concourse toward their gates, I wondered at the state of dress these days. Even people who obviously were carrying business briefcases or computer bags seemed to delight in baggy sweatshirts and jeans with holes.
Yes, there were a number in business dress, either professional or […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 4 comments

May 17th, 2008

Presidential Politics - Do They Affect Home Businesses?

You may think your home business is  beyond any fall-out from political politics.  You’re a small business owner, minding your own business and staying away from involvement in politics, whether locally, statewide, or nationally.  You aren’t running for any office and feel you can be immune from the whole situation.However….
*Many local political decisions can affect […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

May 13th, 2008

Will Your Images, Photos, Artistic, & Other Copyrighted Work Become Public Property?

If a proposed law, H.R. 5889, The Orphan Works Bill of 2008 passes the U.S. House of Representatives or  S. 2913, The Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008, passes the Senate, your images, photos, artistic work  and authored works could be in danger of becoming public property.  Apparently, the infringers just have to indicate they can’t find […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 5 comments

March 27th, 2008

Non-Profits Can Be Home Based Operations

When discussing various types of home based businesses and writing about them, I’d never thought to include non-profits.  Tom Durso, at 501 (c) Files made me aware of this in his post, A Great Resource for Home-Based Nonprofiteers.
How many nonprofits, I wonder, start at someone’s kitchen table, with a couple of committed people hatching an […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

March 11th, 2008

Can Writers Shy Away from the Blogging World?

 A met a writer friend today, and we caught up with what one another is doing in our writing businesses. When I explained about my blogging work, she shook her head and remarked, “I’ll stick with the writing I’m doing [referring to the traditional writing for a print publisher].”
She admitted that blogging is becoming popular, […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments