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Enjoy the Journey of Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on May 20th, 2007

“Are you traveling for business or pleasure?” people often ask my husband and me when they encounter us in airports or learn about our many jaunts.

“We’re traveling for business and pleasure,” we reply. 

Then I wonder why people think business and pleasure or fun are on opposing sides of the spectrum.  Jim and I have always enjoyed traveling, so when we can incorporate the two, this makes our businesses even more pleasurable. 

We don’t travel all the time (much of our business is accomplished at home), but we’ve been able to realize this part of the goal we set many years ago.  I tie my writing and speaking in with our traveling, too.

Enjoy the process and find fun in the day-to-day tasks involved in operating your home business (whether you’re working at home or from home).  You probably are engaged in your business because it’s something you enjoy…at least more than your work as an employee.

Yes, there are frustrations and disappointments.  However, doing what you enjoy on the way to your ultimate dream, helps overcome them.

As Jeffrey D. Smith says, in Focus on Your Dream, ” Enjoy the process - the journey IS the success.”    

The reality of it came to me one day as I looked out the plane window, down upon the snow capped Rocky Mountains.  We were returning from a business trip to Portland, OR, where we’d also visited my nephew and his family.  And I thought…“I’m living my dream!”

Even though we’d had some business frustrations on this trip, and must go home to hard work, I realized I could enjoy the moment in time.  Too often we think we have to reach that final goal before we can experience pleasure.  Take time to enjoy the work you’re doing now.  Enjoy the process.  Enjoy the journey!

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