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August 22nd, 2008

Free Ebook - Using Twitter To Promote Yourself & Your Business Online

Geekpreneur offers a free Twitter ebook with a difference.
If you want to get into using social media for business, this book is a great start.
Twitter Ebook Title:
A Geek’s Guide to Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters Or Less With Twitter.
Don’t be put off by the “geek” in the title. It’s not just […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 1 comment

August 19th, 2008

Susan Gunelius: Exploring the Harry Potter Phenomenon

The Harry Potter Phenomenon has captured young and older in its web with books, movies, and paraphernalia.  What has made these books so popular that this became a brand in itself and skyrocketed to fame?
Susan Gunelius explores this in her book, Harry Potter - The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon.
I interviewed Susan, since I’ve […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 9 comments

August 11th, 2008

Try Elizabeth Gordon’s Networking Suggestions for Your Home Business

Networking has become the popular “buzz word” in the business and social arena today.  “Making friends,” I like to call it.  We see it discussed everywhere nowadays.
Elizabeth Gordon, author of The Chic Entrepreneur, who visited Home Biz Notes recently, has an interesting post at her blog, What Are the Best Ways to Network?.  Some of […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 1 comment

August 3rd, 2008

The Power of Networking (”Making Friends”) for Your Home Business


Networking has become a buzz word in today’s business world. Depending on whether you’re talking about the Internet or having a traditional business.
However, even though the word is taking on a new meaning, the good old-fashioned term, “making friends,” covers it all.
When we network, we experience the enjoyment of meeting people, finding their interests, […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 6 comments

June 24th, 2008

A Quilt for my Social Media Photo

The big question mark looms there instead of my photo on social media sites. So my granddaughter is helping me rectify that.
As she showed me the pictures she’d taken of her quilts, I thought, “That’s it! I’ll have a quilt photo instead of the question mark. This is characteristic of me because I […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

June 5th, 2008

Do You Know What Your Customers Are Saying About Your Business?

There’s a lesson to be learned about customer service from Twitter’s recent outages. Have you discovered Twitter yet?
Despite the current issues, I highly recommend it. At first I didn’t “get” Twitter, but I’ve had a change of heart.
I’m a big fan of Twitter for business and for communication. I’ve found Twitter great as a microblogging […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 2 comments

April 16th, 2008

Video - Why We All Love Twitter

Problogger asked his Twitter followers what people love about Twitter, the new micro blogging social media tool. One guy said “I love my wife, but I think I’m having a love affair with Twitter.”
Darren collated the tweets (Twitter comments) in a video.

If you haven’t discovered Twitter or how you can use it for your […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 2 comments

April 11th, 2008

Twitter As A Research Tool - Some Tips

I’ve been exploring how Twitter could be used as a business tool. It’s been interesting learning from others and observing how they use it too. Laura Spencer of Business and Blogging and Work From Home Momma has been using Twitter as a research tool.
She posed questions (tweets) in the Twitter conversation thread about co-working, the […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 7 comments

January 31st, 2008

Are You Harnessing The Power Of Social Media For Your Home Business?

If you have a web presence or use the internet, you will have heard the term “social media”, referring to networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn. But do you use them for your business?
The power of social media and Facebook for communication was brought home to me recently when 500 teens responded to […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 3 comments