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Home Biz Notes Blogger Writes Guest Post

by Mary Emma Allen on October 7th, 2007

My guest post, Take Your Writing on Tour , appears at Grow Your Writing Business.  Here I give tips for realizing the potential of speaking to earn additional income from a writing business.

However, most any home business owner can turn to speaking.  This becomes enjoyable, helps promote your business, and can develop another stream of income. 

Opportunities for Speaking - They’re out there, everywhere, if you’ll use some creativity and ingenuity (and utilize some of the suggestions in my post at Grow Your Writing Business).  Some of these speaking invitations may not result in paying gigs at first, yet will generate publicity and name recognition for your business. 

*Local clubs and organizations

*School and college career days

*Guest speaker at elementary, high school, and college classes, depending on your buisness and the type class.

*Presenter at school assembly

*Speaker at business conferences

As you read these, you’ll find other ideas coming to mind.  As you begin speaking, you’ll discover other opportunities cropping up.

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