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5 Tips for Becoming Productive in a Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on November 2nd, 2006

Productivity, whether it’s making a product or performing a service, is the desired result of a home business. Without adequate productivity, you will find you aren’t earning money. I’ll briefly mention a few tips here. In future posts, I’ll discuss specific aspects more in length.

*Set specific working hours. Frequently, you must work around other activities in the household and with your family. However, if you can find specific hours for working, it gets you and your family on a schedule condusive to your productivity. Others also will repect your work and treat your business more seriously.

*Set up a specific area for your office or working area, even if it’s simply a corner of a room to start. A friend, who is developing a home business, has begun to clean an area in their basement that one of her children used as a bedroom. She will go down there “to work” each day. Your area can be a separate room or part of a room. Have some place where you can organize.

*Cut down on distractions and concentrate on your work during your scheduled hours. One of the first goals would be to get an answering machine if you don’t have one. That way you can let it take calls so you aren’t interrupted. Leave the washing and cleaning until after or before work hours, etc.

*Become organized so you don’t waste time looking for materials, paperwork, etc. This is one of my greatest challenges. I can scatter more stuff around my desk or wherever I’m working in the shortest amount of time, my family says. Then I waste time looking for what I want. I’ve set up file cabinets beside my work area and try to have “finished” and “to do” baskets.

*Get dressed each day as though you’re going to work. Some people may not agree with me on this, but generally it’s been found when you lounge around in your “jammies” you’re not so productive and others don’t take you so seriously.

This is not to say you won’t have variations of each of these suggestions that work for you. However, here’s a place to start if you find you’re wasting time, get frustrated because others consider your business as “just a little hobby,” and you aren’t getting ahead.

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