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Home Biz Notes

Tips for Home Business Success

by Mary Emma Allen on June 6th, 2007

Many people want to work at home and even set up a business at home.  However, they may soon find they’re easily distracted and aren’t so effective as when working for someone else. 

As has been said, “The good news is…you’re your own boss.  The bad news is…you’re your own boss.”

Now isn’t that contradictory?

Not necessarily.  As your own boss, you can set your own schedule, generally work at something you enjoy,  and work at or from home.   However, as your own boss…you must have the incentive to be effective and productive…or your business will fizzle away.

At Contract Worker, Rico refers to 9 Things That Make Working at Home More Effective and links to Web Worker Daily’s post, 9 Best Practices for Home-Based Web Workers.

Here you’ll find suggestions that apply to online home businesses.  Also, you can use many of them even if you have a more traditional business working from your home.  By applying these suggestions, you may find you fall into the category of “the good news is…you’re your own boss.”

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