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Finding Time for Home Business Blogging

by Mary Emma Allen on May 5th, 2007

That’s fine and good…blogging to promote your business,”  you might say.  “But where do I find the time?  I’m right out straight running my home business and producing items for it.”

(I discussed the importance of blogging to promote your home business and what you should blog about in a previous post.)

*If you do hire an employee(s), have them do the blogging or collaborate with you.

*No employees?  What about family members blogging?  You’ll often find your children and grandchildren know more about something like this than adults do.  Coordinate with them about the topics you want covered.  They also may enjoy researching online for resources you can refer your customers to. 

*Do you have time to chat with someone?  Cut the chatting shorter, when possible to do it politely, and spend a few more minutes at the computer.

*Treat blogging as one more type of promotion/advertising, a more personal one than ads online or in print publications.  You take time to create those ads, or at least go over them with an ad representative.  Put some of that time into blogging.

*If your budget permits, hire someone to help you with your business blogging.If you blog, share with us how you find time to blog for your business.

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