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Susan Gunelius Explores The Harry Potter Marketing Phenomenon

by Mary Emma Allen on June 23rd, 2008


I’ve often wondered about the marketing behind the Harry Potter phenomenon that caused a book to skyrocket to sales and an author to fame to the point where it has taken on a life of itself. I imagined there was superb marketing strategy behind it that caught the market and readers at the right place and right time.
Susan Gunelius, a b5 blogger , announced the release of her first book, Harry Potter - The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon.

Susan explores the story of the business and marketing behind the Harry Potter brand, and asks the questions:

1. How did the Harry Potter brand become so successful?
2. Can the success of Harry Potter be duplicated?

I wonder, as Susan does: Can others repeat this phenomenon?

Marketing/promotion is such a large part of any business, and home businesses are no exception. Whether you’re promoting a product, a book or a service, you have to develop an exceptional strategy, which apparently the Harry Potter publisher, or someone associated with them, did.

It will be interesting to see, especially after they read Susan’s book, if other authors can duplicate this or even come near. Any home business may find pointers there.

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