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Health Insurance - a Concern for Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on January 21st, 2007

Affordable health insurance becomes a huge concern for home based businesses or the self-employed business person. Generally you must come up with your own health care insurance, unless you or your spouse has it at another place of employment.

When you leave your employment to concentrate full time on your home business, you most likely will have to start paying your own health insurance. How much of a burden this becomes depends on various situations. (This information concerns health insurance in the United States.)

*You usually can continue to be carried at rates paid by your former employer for a specified number of months. However, you generally must pay 100% of this.

*Rates and insurance coverage will vary with each state.

*Your age can affect the amount you must pay.

*You may find the premiums very high which necessitates you to opt for a high deductible.

I’ll discuss more health insurance details in another post.

I would appreciate readers from other countries commenting on health insurance for home business owners in countries other than the United States.

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