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Home Biz Notes

Mary Emma Allen Returns to Home Biz Notes

by Mary Emma Allen on May 5th, 2009

It’s exciting to be back at Home Biz Notes. I was the original blogger here; then Yvonne Russell joined me for a year. More recently Jean Murray kept the blog going with her informative posts. Now I’m back and plan to provide you with helpful information for your home business.

I have a background in home businesses or small businesses going back to childhood because I grew up on a family dairy and poultry farm. Our home was a business. When I was in high school, my mom, who had no experience as a storekeeper, took over the management of a small country grocery store my dad had built on our property. The original owner became ill, so Mother decided to operate it and did for around 20 years.

Since my marriage, I’ve often worked out of our home as a dressmaker, quiltmaker, freelance writer, beauty consultant, workshop teacher and blogger. As I’ve done previously, I shall continue to share my experiences and those of other home business people. I’ll find resources for you as well.

If you have topics you’d like covered, please let me know.

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