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Home Biz Notes Participates in “Getting Things Done Contest”

by Mary Emma Allen on December 28th, 2007

I’ve been “harping” on participating in contests in several posts here at Home Biz Notes, so I’m joining this GTD contest sponsored by Celine Roque at Pimp Your Work

What are my resolutions for 2008? In order to accomplish more than I did in 2007, I need to:

1. Find a way to stretch myself or “find another self” as my grandson calls it, so I can do more. (Maybe this is the virtual assistant mentioned in the Elance contest.)

2. Be more efficient and organized.  Do something each day to be better organized,even if it’s only 20 minutes, as Mike Murdock says in Secrets of the Journey.
3. Keep my goals in front of me each day, instead of making my list then misplacing it. (Is that part of being better organized?!!)

4. Reach for stunning goals that seems impossible, rather than reminding myself to “be realistic.” Look for those “out of the box” opportunities that will enable me to reach these goals.

“We don’t think big enough,” a mentor once told me.

5. Find more joy in my work and life by looking at what I have accomplished each day, not at what I haven’t done.

(c)2007 Mary Emma Allen

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