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If You’re Considering An eBay or Online Retail Business or Have One…

by Mary Emma Allen on June 13th, 2008

 Does your home business encompass online sales?  Or are you considering expanding in that direction? If so, you’ll find helpful information on the new blog at b5media’s Business Channel, eShopOwner.com, by Suzanne Wells.

Currently, Suzanne has a number of posts concerning the in’s and out’s about setting up an eBay store.  She does this in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format.

For instance, in FAQ#1, Suzanne discusses, What Should I Sell?, and differentiates between the hobby and serious eBay business owner.  She also touches upon her experience as an eBay business owner.

Keep tuned at eShopOwner and you’ll discover a great deal of information about operating an “e” business in today’s Internet world.

Incidentally, there  is an introduction to Suzanne and her blog by Business Channel CE, Kelly Erb, b5media Goes Online Shopping.

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