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Four Questions To Help You Find Your Dream Business

by Yvonne Russell on May 22nd, 2008


By Laura Spencer

Have you looked longingly at a self-employed neighbor, thinking to yourself
. . .if only I had her talent or skill, then I’d start a business also . . .”

Or, perhaps you lurk on blogs with small business tips (like Home Biz Notes), hoping against hope for that one special tip - the one that will help you get your start as a home business owner.

If those two paragraphs describe you, then you’re in luck. Why? Because this post is that post. The one post that you’ve been waiting for to help you kickstart your own business (or to show you once and for all that owning a business is not really for you).

To determine whether owning a business might right for you, take a look at the following questions.

Before you look, though, let me warn you. These questions are hard. They won’t help you unless you are brutally honest when you answer them. Finally, you might find that you don’t like what the questions are trying to tell you.

With that said, here are the questions:

1. Do you have a passion for something?

2. Are you willing to commit?

3. Can you face failure?

4. Is your skin pretty thick?
If you answered “no,” to one or more of these questions, then you may want to reconsider working for yourself. A “no” answer doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed as a business owner; it just means that you should be careful about talking such a step.

Let’s take a look at the questions and what they mean, one by one.

Do you have a passion for something?
Many home business owners have turned their passion to profit. Often, when the business was struggling, it was the passion that saw them through the difficult times. Passion can make the difference between success and failure.

Are you willing to commit?
Committing to your business means that you are willing to spend a significant amount of time and/or money on it. Too many would-be home business owners are looking for a quick return that involves little or no effort on their part.

Can you face failure?
As a home business owner, it’s not a question of whether or not you will face difficulties - it’s a question of when. How you handle such times determines whether your business will go the distance.

Is your skin pretty thick?
No matter what you do or how you do it, eventually somebody somewhere isn’t going to like it. As a business owner it’s important not to take such criticism personally. A thick skin is an excellent asset for a small business owner.

How did you score?

If having your own business is something that you really want, then take the information that you’ve learned in this post and make your business a reality.

On the other hand if having your own business is just something that you prefer to daydream about, then this post probably didn’t make any difference at all.

Laura Spencer is a freelance writer and blogger with over six of experience running her own business.

You can read more of Laura’s work at WritingThoughts.com, Business and Blogging, Work From Home Momma, or Freelance Folder.

© Bio photo courtesy of Laura Spencer.

© Guest Post Button Image courtesy of Yvonne Russell at Grow Your Writing Business.com

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