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More Comment Info for Your Home Business Blog

by Mary Emma Allen on June 16th, 2007

We’ve been discussing the value of comments on your home business blog and how they might help your business.  Apparently there is one theory that, when you’re starting out, you close your blog to comments until you’ve built up a following.

I suppose that’s something like the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Aren’t comments supposed to help build a readership and a dialogue?  Or is it better, as some suggest, that you develop the following first, so you don’t seem like a beginner.  In business, the “beginner” term might not apply.  Granted, you could be a beginning blogger, but you may have had that home business for years and years.

Alyson Stanfield, at Art Biz Blog, expresses some thoughts, in her post, Allow Comments on Your Art Blog, about why you need to open your blog to comments right from the launch.  Even though Alyson writes a blog with advice for art businesses, much of what she says applies to many other home businesses.

Incidentally, you may encounter comment problems, as I have on one of my blogs.  Something is intermittently preventing visitors from leaving comments.  A message tells them my blog is closed for posting…and it isn’t…as far as I’m concerned.  When you do encounter this problem, let the blogger know.  I certainly appreciated knowing this so we can check into it and get it corrected.  For apparently I can post and respond to comments, but others can’t gain access.

It’s also a good idea to have a spam comment filter or at least set your comments so you have to moderate them before they go live.  Then you can filter out the spam which have nothing to do with your blog.

Do you have any comment or blogging tips you’ve found helpful in your home business and would like to share?

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