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Conducting Your Home Business Around the World

by Mary Emma Allen on April 24th, 2007

When I wrote the previous post, Moving Your Home Business,  I was thinking mainly of moving to another part of the country where one lives…and the fact that nowadays it’s often possible to continue your home business when you change where you live.

However, Yvonne Russell, blogger at Grow Your Writing Business , reminded me in her comment to my post that people can take their home business with them to other parts of the world.  This first became apparent to Yvonne when she and her husband were exploring the idea of an overseas home exchange.  She noticed that many people wanted 3-6 month exchanges “with a view to taking their businesses with them.”

She expanded upon this further…“These days you can even combine an extended vacation with continuing to run your business, even in another country, depending on the nature of the business.” 

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