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Developing an “august” Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on August 2nd, 2007

“August” for August is our Business Channel theme this month.  How does that apply to home businesses? 

Let’s see…according to my dictionary, august is an ajective means majestic or imposing.  So how do you develop your business into an imposing one that stands out in the crowd, becomes one that draws attention and attracts repeat customers?

*Believe in yourself and your business.  During times when others may think you’re not sensible for developing a home business, continue on track.  If your business is experiencing a downturn, seek answers to that will help you recover.  Then press forward, even if it means changing direction slightly with the times, the economy, or your life.

*Uniqueness makes your business stand out from the others.  What can you offer that’s needed, yet somewhat different from other businesses?

*Give good quality for the money paid whether a product or service.  Always strive to give your customers/clients the best for their money.  Even if you charge a little more, you’ll keep customers if your quality is the best.

*Make your customers feel special.  Friendliness, a willingness to please, and concern for their needs enables your customers to feel you care about them.

*Be sure to practice unquestionable ethics in all your business transactions and relationships.  There’s a very good article about the importance of business ethics, 5 Reasons to do Business On-the-Level by Brett at Freelance Switch.  A business eventually will fall apart if you’re not ethical.  (Even though this was written with freelancers in mind, the principles apply to almost any home business.)

*Have fun with your business and what you’re doing.  This attitude will be apparent to your customers, whether you’re communicating with them over the internet, the phone, or in person.  Become a person they want to be in contact with repeatedly.

Do you have an “august” business?

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