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Is Your Business Affected By the “Dog Days of Summer?”

by Mary Emma Allen on July 23rd, 2008


 Sometimes it’s difficult to remain inspired about our business during the sultry days during July and August, especially when humidity is high, along with the temperature.  If we don’t have air conditioning, we plan to work at our projects in early morning or the evening.

Often we find, if ours is a business with “walk in” customers, they aren’t so likely to venture out into the heat to shop.  So we must be more creative in reaching them.  Online customers won’t be affected, unless they’re on vacation.  But we’ll need to get bursts of energy to get our own work done.

The Dog Days of Summer….this was an expression of my childhood during the lazy, hazy days of languid, humid heat and still seems to be a saying or description of this time of year from about July 3 to August 11.

The term seems to go way back to mythology  and the conjunction of Sirus (called the “dog star”) and the sun, which occurs in mid summer.  Also, some people connect Dog Days with a hot time of year when dogs can become irritable.

“Dog Days of Summer” is the theme this week at another of my blogs,  One Book Two Book .

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The Dog Days of Summer

Now in the Southern Hemisphere, you may be affected by cold weather and are trying to circumvent storms and frigid temperatures to keep business going. What are some of your strategies?

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