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Does Your Home Business Prepare for Christmas Shopping?

by Mary Emma Allen on November 23rd, 2006

Some home business owners find the holiday season a very busy one. Others aren’t focused on seasonal or holiday business. This depends on your type of business. If you do have a holiday focus, this is a very busy time of year for you, beginning with the day after Thanksgiving.

*Craftspeople may have special orders, in addition to the regular items they provide either by mail order, through a shop in the home, or to other shops. There also may be craft fairs in early December that require having extra stock.

*A catering service will be very busy this time of year with all the parties and special events. You also might be furnishing party foods that you deliver but don’t have to serve.

*Do you provide party decorations or set up for parties and special events? If you do catering, you could consider adding decorating as well providing food.

*A beauty shoppe in your home will be a busy place with everyone wanting to look nice for special events. Consider adding a line of hair adornments for these occasions if you don’t have them already.

*A dressmaking and alteration home business will be very busy. When I operated this business in our home, I often had Christmas wedding dresses and bridemaids gowns to make, in addition to party dresses.

*If you provide skin care and make-up items, giving party make-up consultation will keep you busy.

*Also consider providing a shopping service, whether it involves going out to stores or browsing online, for those who have difficulty shopping for themselves. This could be due to health situations or simply because they have other demands on their time.

These are just a few ways home businesses are involved in the holiday shopping season. If you haven’t given much thought about how your business can provide items and services to aid holiday shoppers and party hostesses, brainstorm and see about helping others and increasing your sales this time of year.

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