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5 Advantages of a Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on October 15th, 2006

Many advantages exist with a home based business and appeal to people who are creative, self-starters, and want to take charge of their lives. However, just because you may not like working for someone is not a reason for starting a business of your own. You simply may need to look for another job.

You may desire, though, eventually to own your own business based upon your interests and a desire for independence. You’ll find several advantages that may appeal to you.

*You are your own boss…to a degree. With a home business, you are the owner, decide what you want to do, and how you’re going to accomplish it. However, if you do want to receive payment, your product or service will have to meet the satisfaction of the person(s) purchasing it.

*You can set your own working hours. Often you can work around family obligations, health issues, or another job. You do have to be a self-starter who won’t be so flexible that you don’t finish projects.

*You can determine your income. You can set your prices, but they will depend on what the market in your area will bear. In order to earn what you need to live on or to provide extras, you will need to be conscientious about working and producing a quality product or service.

*You can work at something you like. Generally when you establish a home business, you’re working at something you like to do, whether it’s an expansion of a hobby or working at a service you enjoy.

*You can work with your spouse. If this is an idea that appeals, you can establish a business at home both of you can become involved in. Thus, you can spend more time together. You can combine your talents, each one contributing his/her experience and expertise. One person won’t have to do all the work.

Other advantages exist with a home-based business that I’ll cover in later postings.

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