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It Feels A Lot Like Christmas - Pre Christmas Home Business Marketing Ideas

by Yvonne Russell on October 20th, 2007

For home business owners and other small business owners, Christmas celebrations start early.

If you are a home business owner selling Christmas themed products, planning ahead is key. If you sell products, you probably attended trade fairs in July or earlier to order your Christmas stock.

Freelance writers who submit Christmas articles to magazines started sending their queries at least 6 to 8 months ago. Home business owners who offer services, will also be impacted by Christmas, in terms of scheduling, at least.

Pre Christmas Marketing Ideas
Products & Sales

  • Do you have enough stock?
  • What stock do you need to clear to make way?
  • What do you need to sell to maintain cash flow?
  • Are discount sales the best approach or are there other options?

Value Adding & Promotion

  • Can you buy some inexpensive products for value adding, prizes or giveaways?
  • How will you display the items with a Christmas theme, if applicable?
  • How will you promote your Christmas range?
  • Do you have regular products you can add a seasonal touch to?
  • Can you value add by repackaging your regular products as gift boxes or gift baskets?

Community Networking

  • Can you offer local businesses a gift basket service for corporate Christmas gifts?
  • Approach the local school and libraries to supply their Christmas competition prizes?
  • Touch base with the social convenor of community or hobby groups to supply end of year Secret Santa gifts.
  • Plan your Christmas advertising flyers or other promotional material.

Communication & Awareness

  • What hours will you open or be accessible during the pre Christmas period?
  • If you have an online business, make your deadline for last orders clear.
  • Clearly state expected delivery times.

How are your pre Christmas home business preparations going? Do you have any other pre Christmas ideas or marketing tips to share?

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