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Planning “After Christmas” Home Business Sales?

by Mary Emma Allen on December 25th, 2006

Shoppers often look for “after Christmas” sales and home business onwers can utilize this as a shopping promotion, too.  The manager of a mall store told me shoppers are always coming into her store looking for special sales after Christmas and for new sales to start out the new year.  So her store regularly plans specials

*Do you have Christmas or seasonal items you don’t want to hold over for another year?  Put these out at reduced prices in your shop and online…while supplies last.

*Plan a New Year’s special or beginning of the year special on specific items or to the first 10 or 20, etc. customers.

*If this is a slower time of year for you, run some specials on services through a specific date or to a specific number of customers.

However, when you plan your specials, make sure you aren’t getting yourself into a bind where you’re going to lose money on the items you sell.  If they are products you don’t want to hold over and store for another year, that’s one thing.  But make sure when you introduce new items at a special price, you state some limits or “while supplies last”.

*Organize an Open House right after the new year starts to introduce new items.  These may not necessarily be items on sale but new ones you’re planning to feature.  You might offer refreshments and door prizes with these.

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