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Keep Your E-mails Professional - Personal & Home Business Ones

by Mary Emma Allen on October 17th, 2007

Writing careless, unprofessional e-mails may turn off customers.  Take time to use the proper English (or other language) you’ve hopefully learned in school. 

I’ve even seen writers express the idea that they don’t need to proof their e-mails.  “After all, that’s not serious writing,” they comment about casual e-mails. 

However, just about any writing on the Internet might be seen by others.  You never know who might be in that online group, chat group, or reading your blog.  For a writer..maybe the editor who had expressed interest in your book.  For a business owner…perhaps a customer  who now wonders if you’re as sloppy with your product production or service as you are with your e-mails.

Celine at Pimp Your Work has some good tips about writing e-mails in her post, 7 Ways to Make Your E-mails Unprofessional.  She writes sort of “tongue in cheek,” but has some very valid points to make.  I hope you aren’t practicing any of these!

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