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Keep Your Sense Of Humor In The Midst of Daily Routine

by Mary Emma Allen on January 25th, 2008


  This has nothing to do with anything…except to remind us we need to keep our sense of humor in the midst of our daily routine, chaos, and challenges.  Take a few minutes each day to smile, to grin, to laugh.

Sometimes friends send you endless e-mails that seem senseless and a waste of time.  However, I have one friend who doesn’t send too many, but when she does, I take the time to open them.

She always has something that makes me chuckle or lets me know I’m appreciated.  Somehow, too, she often times these when I’m needing them most.

Find a friend, a colleague, a family member who will share laughter with you and pull you from your routine for a few moments.  Then you can go to your tasks with a burst of energy.

(c)2008  Mary Emma Allen

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