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Reading to Achieve in Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on March 30th, 2007

“Why bother to read?  I know what I have to do in my business.  That’s why I chose this as a home business in the first place,” you may comment.

Yes, you may consider it important to read technical and how-to books on your field of endeavor.  But why read success related books, people related books, and those to help you set  goals?  I thought the same way until I was introduced to some of these books and listened to some of the authors…who had achieved before they wrote the books.

I discovered a list on Jack Canfield’s site (Chicken Soup for the Soul fame)… Recommended Achiever’s Reading List. Some of these books are ones I’ve read, others I return to and re-read portions, and those I’d like to read in the future.

You don’t have to sit down and read an entire book in an evening or even a week.  I’m often reading bits and pieces…have a book in the bedroom, the living room, the “library,” in the car, and in my tote bag.

I heard a speaker recently say about reading in bits and pieces instead of feeling you have to read an entire book before going on to the next, “Your brain doesn’t know you’re reading from different books.  It only knows you’re reading what you need at the moment.”

Do you have favorite books?  They may be written on your career topic, business topic, or simply one that will boost you up when you’re meeting challenges.  Always have one or two that will make you laugh, too!

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