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Staying Motivated in Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on October 23rd, 2007

You’re excited about your home business.  It’s something you basically enjoy.  You work for yourself, from your home, and can be somewhat flexible about your hours. 

However, no matter how much you enjoy what you’re doing, there will be times when it becomes routine, monotonous, frustrating, and perhaps discouraging.  For instance, when I was making children’s quilted vests, I had to set up an assembly line type of routine to be most efficient and earn the most money for my time.  Basically, it became somewhat boring as I cut, appliqued, sewed, and made vest after vest, even if they had different designs on them.

How to you stay motivated in your home business when some of the excitement wears off?

Laurie Neumann has written a very helpful article,  Achieve Work from Home Business Success, on her Christian Home Business Connection web site and provides great tips on staying motivated.

“The difference in seeing success while you are working from home is that you need to keep yourself motivated,” Laurie says.  “You don’t have a boss urging you on, telling you what to do.” 

Utilizing some of the tips Laurie offers, should help you stay motivated in your home business.

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