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Home Biz Notes

June 2nd, 2008

James Burns, Esq. Offers Wealth Information for Business Owners

Succeeding at your business and in life isn’t just “hit and miss.” It requires strategy. James Burns, Esq., in The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth, gives us insight into “How To Crack Your Wealth Code Using the Tools of Self-made Billionaires” during his tour of the blogosphere to introduce his […]

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May 9th, 2008

Home Businesses Raise Funds For Worthy Causes

 Many home business owners contribute to worthy causes and develop projects to raise funds.  Katelyn at Stamping Mad is initiating Giving Back - A Call for Alzheimer’s Related Art, at her blog.  You can become involved by contributing your art for a zine to raise runds for Alzheimer’s research.
I was thinking to do something a […]

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December 18th, 2007

Healthy Eating During The Holiday Season For The Home Business Owner

So often it’s difficult to stay on track with healthy eating during the holiday season.   What we eat may affect how we feel and thus how we deal with our customers, with stress, and with our family.  In other words, when we’re trying to balance too many plates in the air, we may lose sight […]

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