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James Burns, Esq. Offers Wealth Information for Business Owners

by Mary Emma Allen on June 2nd, 2008


Succeeding at your business and in life isn’t just “hit and miss.” It requires strategy. James Burns, Esq., in The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth, gives us insight into “How To Crack Your Wealth Code Using the Tools of Self-made Billionaires” during his tour of the blogosphere to introduce his book.

Begin thinking like a corporation ( and in a way a home business is a small corporation), Burns advises. He also mentions the mind set of the “new face of the economy” with people switching jobs frequently. That might apply, too, for home business owners who switch their businesses or change their focus as the economy dictates.

Burns also discusses how you can “change your mindset to change your life” and develop the investor or wealth mindset.

Companies and families should have a vision, Burns states.

Have you developed a vision goal? Learn how here.

By looking at the wealth pillars - leverage, arbitrage, and cash flow - Burns shows you how to put it all together and get the ball rolling.

For more information about James Burns, Esq. and his book, a synopsis and excerpt and visit Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

Also check out James Burns’ web site.

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