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Thinking Like a Home Business Owner

by Mary Emma Allen on May 9th, 2007

Often it’s very difficult for someone who has been an employee all their working career to start thinking like a business owner when they begin their home business.  They now are the “boss,” a title many envy when they work for someone and think they can do better.

However now:

*You’re are the one who has to make and answer for business decisions.

*You can’t put the blame on a boss when something doesn’t go right.

*You must balance expenses and income and determine how you can be more cost and time efficient, yet provide quality.

*You now see government regulations from a different viewpoint as they pertain to business.

* As a business owner, you now are responsible for your own health and other insurances.  If you do have employees, you must decide what part of theirs you can provide.  You begin to realize why a company often cannot pay 100% of their employees’ benefits.

*You must work “overtime” without overtime pay to get orders finished.  I couldn’t charge more when I had to correct a problem with quilt batting (filling) during my quilt business days.  (In that instance, I had to take the quilt apart and put in new batting, sewing it all together again.) 

*You can’t punch the time clock at a specific hour and say, “I’m out of here,” unless your work is done for the day.

Yet, inspite of what some may perceive as disadvantages of a home business…a business of one’s own…more people today than ever before are seeking to work for themselves. 

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